February 3, 2013

Philo Ridge, Anderson Valley, Mendocino County, California 2007

Philo ridge is a wholly self suntanning vineyard and winery located in the Anderson Valley of Sonoma County of  California. Those facts are quite boring, they are low volume winery (also boring) and likes to market a cherry taste. Now how about we change the pedestrian facts into fantastical speculations about the future of wine.

Captain's log, Earthdate 2023.

The last power plant was disconnected today. Things are surprisingly normal.

I could smell cherry and after an hour of decanting a little funk. I know that this is a pop and pour wine, but my goodness if you are drinking it alone, let it mellow out. After an hour there seems too be too much alcohol for the cherry and other fruit to shine forth.

ABV: 13,8%
Cases made: 425
List Price: $28
Purchase Price: $15

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