March 11, 2013

Au Bon Climat, Santa Barbra County, California, Pinot Noir, 2009

Bright red berry flavors hinting at spice. At first there is a little dirt, then it mellows out. It is light on the palette but not thin and great to look at during commercials. Just a fun and accessible Pinot Noir.  

Drank over the course of two days (vacuum seal) and was much better on the first, but still above par on the second. 

This is a great value, if you see it in the store, grab it!

76% Pinot Noir
26% Mondeuse 
ABV: 13.5
List Price: $21
Cases Made: 10,000 (in 2007)

I list the number of cases made to let you, the reader, know if this is a readily available wine or one that you, he reader, may have to pick up online. 

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