March 3, 2013

Torres, Pendes, Catalunya, Mas Borras, Spain, Pinot Noir, 2008.

I am so happy that we opened this bottle today. The 2008 could as good as any other Pinot Noir vintage in Spain, I wouldn't know. Mostly, because I didn't know that they made PN in Spain. Guess what? They do. Eric seems to be obsessed with pouring the wine from one glass into to another. You see he brought over a set of Riedel glasses made specifically for the Pinot Noir varietal, and I had just purchased some CosCo glasses for the same purpose. The larger base of the Reidel opens up the wine more, and the narrower spout of glass concentrates the aroma. So, Eric won. Moving on to the wine.

There is a good acidity, balanced with the tannin. One can taste bark, clove and pepper, with a nice power of eucalyptus.  The mouth feel is like the watery part jelly, not the jam part.

Really, purchase a bottle if you get the chance.

ABV: 14%
List Price: $31
Cases Made

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