June 17, 2013

Paul Jacqueson, Premiere Cru, Gresigny, Rully, Cote Chalonnaise, Burgundy, France, 2007

1st taste: A lot of musk on the nose and front palate that blew off. Finishes with whip cream and sticks around.

1 hour: Perfume on the nose. The musk is gone completely leaving a nice round mouth feel.

2 hours: Strong perfume with a lighter milk finish that lasts. Still good.

3 hours: The floral nose is dying off and the minerality in the finish is more pronounced at this point. Different notes are beginning to muddle.

4 hours: Last glass held steady from the 3 hour mark.

This wine started as a cube on the palate. Little by little it dented the box, rounding itself off over time. No where close a perfect sphere but it could roll down a slope with minimal coaxing. 


mysouscalledvide said...

Love the descriptions. How did you keep these particular Rully chilled, might I ask?

I think I may have to pick up a bottle of this today. Price point?

Matt said...

sorry it was so late. I just kept it in the fridge and didn't decant. It was about 60 degrees inside the house so the wine stayed cool.

It was around $40. For Primer Cru Burgundy that isn't spoiled $40 is a steal.