September 24, 2013

Vincent et Denis Berthaut, Les Clos Vineyard (Village), Fixin, Cote de Nuits, Cote de Or, Burgundy, France, 1995

Unitl 1987 Fixin was the most northern AOC in the Cote de Nuits,  then in 87 Marsenay was granted an AOC.  Since 1995 this bottle has been closed, we just opened it. 

I want to strap this glass on my nose, walking around all day only with the smell of 18 year old Fixin in my nostrils. The nose has, lavender and marjoram. Violets and more lavender on the palette with a nice smoky wood. Unlike Burgundies older than this one, it still has life and body. Like older Burgs it has the brickyard red and a bouquet of the earth. 

The nose just keeps opening up, Potpourri surrounding and enveloping all the senses (except sight, hearing and touch).

ABV: 13%
Cases Made: Doesn’t matter

 Price: $50

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