February 18, 2015

7 Things Americans Think About British Culture

Funny stuff that Americans think about the Brits.

1. Britain is full of critics that have very strong opinions. Usually the item/meal/play/film is the best yet or the worst to date. We regard the British as a very binary culture of critics.

2. Ian Botham was the best Cricketer of all time. Better than Sachin Tendulkar, and even Sir Don Bradman. Ian was the best all around player, batter and bowler alike.

3. When a Brit says 'sorry' s/he is really apologizing for the atrocities committed by the crown on native populations across the globe in the name of empire.

4. Baked beans on any dish makes it a breakfast food.

5. There is a pasty shop on every corner.

6.  The British arbitrarily add "u's" to words to match their pronunciation.

7. The American pronunciation of common words is too old fashioned. We are working on it.
Here is Johnathan Cecil reading a bit of PG Wodehouse.

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mysouscalledvide said...

This is good. Perhaps we need an article about the old 1920s-30s accents in America. They were fascinating.